This blog is where I host my story Primus Pilus.

What is Primus Pilus? It's story of low fantasy written as web serial micro-fiction set in an alternate world version of the Roman empire.

Low fantasy - meaning magic without dragons, elfs, or fireballs.

Web serial means that on a regular basis (Mondays and Fridays) a new chapter comes on here. Which is, y'know, the web. Yeah.

And here's the interesting semi-unique (I've only seen it one other place. Which would make it ... bi-nique?) part. Micro-fiction. I got the idea from Alexandra Erin's story "Tribe". Each of my micro-chapters is between 320 and 350 words. The chapters will be grouped into "Arcs". Each arc will, in it's own way, be a seperate story in the same continuity, and the arcs will come together to form a larger story.

Alternate world means two things. One it means that there's magic. Two, it means that the world fits with my spotty historical memory.

So, if you're new to the story, check out on the left the Story Archive, and click on 1 - 1.

Otherwise, the most recent microchapter is right below here.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Exams, easter, sickness.
Not in that order.
These are the reasons updates have been late and absent of late, and will continue to be such until these three things are done.

once they are, I'll backtrack and put up all the chapters I miss.

Sorry everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Found you via your sig link on meilinmiranda.
Disappointed that the last post was in 2009. On a cliffhanger too, that's just cruel.

Either you need to update your sig, or start writing again. Hoping for the latter!