This blog is where I host my story Primus Pilus.

What is Primus Pilus? It's story of low fantasy written as web serial micro-fiction set in an alternate world version of the Roman empire.

Low fantasy - meaning magic without dragons, elfs, or fireballs.

Web serial means that on a regular basis (Mondays and Fridays) a new chapter comes on here. Which is, y'know, the web. Yeah.

And here's the interesting semi-unique (I've only seen it one other place. Which would make it ... bi-nique?) part. Micro-fiction. I got the idea from Alexandra Erin's story "Tribe". Each of my micro-chapters is between 320 and 350 words. The chapters will be grouped into "Arcs". Each arc will, in it's own way, be a seperate story in the same continuity, and the arcs will come together to form a larger story.

Alternate world means two things. One it means that there's magic. Two, it means that the world fits with my spotty historical memory.

So, if you're new to the story, check out on the left the Story Archive, and click on 1 - 1.

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Monday, March 30, 2009

1 - 7

Clemens sat on the ship's deck – looking, but not really seeing. He had much to think about. They'd been aboard two weeks – not that long, really. On the fourth day a fight had broken out among the men – a gambling debt gone wrong, no doubt. After he and some of the other older men had broken up the fight, Clemens went to find the ranking officer. Surprisingly, there were no officers on the ship. In fact, after asking about, he found himself to be the longest-serving legionary on board. Something struck him as wrong about that, but he had no way of knowing what. Well, thought he, I suppose I'm in charge.

Clemens had spent most of the time since watching the men. He was painfully aware that he was not an officer, and so tried to do as little ordering about as possible. He spent most of his time observing the men, and meeting with the ship's captain to maintain positive relations between the sailors and the legionaries.

Of all the men, Clemens found Kemsa the most interesting to observe. The young Aegyptian simply did not see the invisible lines which divided men from one another. See how he moves about! While most of us can barely walk the ship's swaying, he moves like a spider amongst the rigging. Now he comes down – head first! And now he's joking with the Bosun! Ah, here he comes!

“Ave, Clemens!”

“Ave, Kemsa!”

“You seem lost in thought.” Observed Kemsa.

“Aye, that I was. Thinking is a good habit for a soldier. Keeps you alive.” Clemens nodded with mock gravity as he said this.

Kemsa laughed as he sat down next to his mentor. “But I jest not. You seemed deadly serious as I approached. What troubles you?”

“Nothing is troubling me. Not yet. In fact, I was merely enjoying your lightheartedness.” With this, the older man punched the younger on the shoulder, knocking him down. They both laughed, and for a moment, Clemens' persistent feelings of uneasiness left him.

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